I possess a US passport and a Canadian passport. Which passport would be recommended for my flight to the US?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersSince you have both a United States Passport and a Canadian passport, this means you have dual citizenship. Since you will be traveling to the United States and possess a valid United States passport, we recommend that you use the United States Passport to travel to the United States.

United States citizens will not be denied entry into the United States. At the port of entry, when using a Canadian passport, you may face some issues that you would not have faced if using a United States passport. In addition, in order to avoid being denied entry into the United States and have a smooth crossing at the point of entry, a United States passport provides will be most helpful.

However, if your passport from the United States is expired, then you may face some issues. Though Canada is very close to the United States and shares a border, passport officials do not cut any slack and will treat crossings from Canada to the United States very seriously. So, to avoid any difficulties, use the United States passport that you possess.