What are the criteria for a family member to sponsor a relative overseas for a work visa?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersSince your relative will be applying for a work visa, your circumstances will be a little different. An applicant that is applying for a work visa will need to be sponsored by the employer for whom they will be working. A family member will not be able to sponsor the relative overseas for a work visa.

Nonetheless, if your family member is an owner of a business or institution that can hire the overseas relative as an employee, they will be able to be sponsored by that family member for a work visa. What we see more often than not, is that this is not the case for many and they will need an employer who is not a part of their family to sponsor them for work purposes.

In regards to a visitor’s visa, anyone can basically sponsor the overseas relative for that particular type of visa. For instance, if you friend’s Uncle’s cousin’s sister-in-law wishes to sponsor an overseas relative, they can. The question will arise however, why would they want to sponsor you for visiting purposes?

Just as so long as you are able to prove that you have a strong relationship with that person, then it will be okay for them to sponsor the overseas relative. The evidence that has to be provided will need to portray a close type of relationship where they can see it is reasonable for that person to sponsor the overseas relative.