4 Things You Will Forget Before Studying Abroad

The first time you go abroad is nothing short of overwhelming! Besides the obvious essentials such as a valid passport, luggage, and researching your host country there are a few vital things you may easily forget to do before your departure! Studying abroad is already a stressful enough experience just getting through the applications and planning. But don’t let the stress of studying abroad cause you to forget some of the most important things you can do before you go. Read our list of 4 things you will forget before studying abroad. Travel smart and travel safely. Save our study abroad travel tips below:

4 Things You Will Forget Before Studying Abroad

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1.) Pay a visit to your doctor, dentist, eye doctor, etc.

Besides the pre-departure physical exam, you need before your trip, be sure to pay a visit to all of your doctors. You don’t want to be abroad and have an awful cavity or not enough contact lenses when you are thousands of miles away from home. Seeing the doctor and ensuring you have all of your shots could also prevent any easily avoidable sicknesses like stomach flu from eating foreign dishes. Locals often build up an immunity to some of these bacterias that your body has not been exposed to, so plan ahead and be safe.

2.) Study Abroad Health Insurance

Health insurance is a non-negotiable when studying abroad. Many study abroad programs will come with health insurance plans. Some insurance plans do not entirely cover what your host country may require. There are several options for travel insurance that are inexpensive and cover you enough for emergencies abroad. In order to obtain a visa for studying abroad, you must have valid health insurance. Plan ahead on your health insurance so you can shop around for the best rates.

3.) Study Abroad Phone Plan

Will you buy a pay as you go phone abroad or does your provider allow you to use your data in a foreign country? There are too many different plans and circumstances that if you don’t follow will result in hefty fines! Find out if you can make phone calls, and how much they are. If not there are plenty of alternatives such as FaceBook and WhatsApp phone calls that are just as efficient (if you have data). Figuring this out ahead of time will save you so much money and headaches.

4.) Get your Study Abroad Visa Beforehand

There are so many circumstances to which you can obtain a visa depending on what country you are a citizen, where you wish to go and duration. In order to save yourself the fears of deportation, be sure to know all of the facts before you study abroad. Some countries say you can enter but then have 1 week to obtain or apply for a visa, but it is so much better to do this before your trip especially if you encounter problems with insurance coverage! Usually, for studying abroad you will need a student visa and sometimes you may also qualify for a work visa. Check with your study abroad department for their visa assistance tips as well. If you find that you need a passport or visa fast, you should consider using an expediting service.

Enhance Drivers LicenseBonus Tip: Get an International Driving Permit

The international driving permit is a translation of your valid U.S. driver’s license. This document gives you permission to rent or drive a car overseas. If you are studying abroad, you will definitely want an international driving permit. Don’t get left behind on the road trip of a lifetime. Get your IDP so you can drive overseas on your study abroad trip!