Applying for a Passport at the Post Offices

If you need to get a passport, you can complete this process at your local U.S. post office. Keep in mind that the process of getting the post office passport will vary depending on the location of the post office. However, in general, here are the instructions needed to get a passport at most US postal offices.

Find a U.S. Post Office Passport Service

First, you need to determine where you can get a passport because not all post offices offer passport services. The USPS Find Locations tool lets you search for post office locations near you that offer various services.

For example, if the location only offers stamp booklets only, rather than ID cards, the tool will let you know this.

Prepare Documents

You need several documents to be able to get your US passport. These include:

If you are getting a passport for your child, then you will also have to provide proof of relationship for that individual along with the other documents. You must also fill out a DS-11 application for a US passport. You can find this online or in person at the post office where you are getting your passport.

Make an Appointment

Now you are ready to get your US passport, which will be in a stamp booklet form or an ID card, or both upon request. You will need to go to the applicable USPS office to file your application. Along with your application, include the documentation noted in Step 2. You may have to make an appointment to see a USPS Postmaster to apply. However, most US post offices offering passport services are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pay Passport Fees

In order to file the application, you will also have to pay select fees. Passport fees vary if you are a first-time applicant, renewing your passport, or under age 16. As of March 2017 fees for a first-time adult applying for a post office passport are $135 for the booklet and $55 for an ID card, or $165 for both.


Acquiring a passport through the United States Postal Service is a simple and straightforward process. You will need to complete and file form DS-11 either online or in person, collect supporting documents, bring payment (cash, credit card, checks, etc.) for the applicable fees and submit your application in person at any USPS office offering passport services.

After reviewing all documentation and approving the application, your passport will be issued and mailed to you. Being aware of all the requirements and costs associated with passport services is important to ensure that you have a smooth experience when applying for or renewing your passport.