Bangkok Travel Tips and Passport & Visa Requirements

Bangkok’s Back! Travel Tips for Thailand’s #1 city.

Grab your passport, pack a bag, and buy a pillow for the long flight because this year we are going to Bangkok! Each year MasterCard provides research to tell traveler’s what the years most popular travel destination is. Typically London has been winning the race, but this year with a projection of 21.47 million international visitors puts Bangkok in first place for 2016 which made it beat out top cities such as Paris and New York as well!


Despite its recent tragedies such its unsteady political infrastructure  and 11 bomb attacks that left dozens of foreigners injured, Bangkok’s reputation has not be dulled to adventure seekers. Its unique historical presence along with its rich culture, exotic foods, and urban vibe combine to make this city one that traveler’s of all ages need to experience. Bangkok is off the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Chao Phraya River is still use for trading after over 200 years ago. This outlet allows for a lot of cultural influence that make each point of interest interesting as well as special to Thailand.

Bangkok Grand PalaceBest Place To See in Bangkok:

Without paying a visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok you would doing the city an injustice! The Palace is one of the city’s most famous landmark dating back to its conception in 1782 when it was home to the Thai King. Over the years it was home to the Thai war ministry, state departments, and the Royal court. It’s one of a kind architecture and rich history are what make it the soul of Bangkok.

How to get around Bangkok:

As the world’s most popular city it’s imperative that there is a lot of foot and car traffic. Taxi’s are a great, relatively inexpensive  way to get around the city. However, be sure you are aware of possible dangers to avoid getting ripped off.

Bangkok Travel Tips:

1.) Be firm and tell them that you know the cost and the duration of your journey otherwise they will probably up charge you.
2.) Make sure they turn on their meter without negotiation! If they refuse then simply take another taxi because it is a sign that they will not be honest with you.
**TIP: Have the address in your GPS on your smartphone to guide the driver where to go, otherwise they will take longer routes to make more money.

thai street food bangkok Bangkok Travel Tips Passport Visa RequirementsWhere to eat in Bangkok:

When in Bangkok one must try Som Tum, but where to get the best is the question. The one restaurant traveler’s must try is Kum Poon which is centrally in the Central World Plaza, so it’s quite easy to find. The traditional dish is met by the cozy ambiance of the place to makes it arguably the best spot to get Som Tum. Kum Poon also serves a family sized portion of this dish which is an unforgettable sight and something you must try when traveling with a group!

What paperwork you need (Bangkok Passport & Visa Requirements):

As a US citizen, traveler’s can be in Thailand for 30 days with no requirement for a visa. American traveler’s do, however, need their passport to be valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into Thailand. The Thai immigration officials may ask to see your return ticket, so be sure to have one handy in case!



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