The Best Way To Get Around Prague, Czech Republic

It’s no secret that this once overlooked gem is now on every traveler’s ‘must see’ list. Prague is a city whose identity has much to do with its lengthy and brutal history. From when Prague was the capital of Bohemia, to the great fire in the mid-1500s, to decapitations taking place in its city center (the Old Square) in 1612, and when Hitler’s troops occupied Prague in WWII, the city has centuries of history to share with traveler’s. Luckily, the Czech Republic sits within the walls of the Schengen Area. Which means, US citizens can travel here with no visa. Only a valid passport for a maximum of 90 days.

Public Transportation

As a city with so much for travelers to see, what’s the best way to get around Prague? Luckily for us, Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in all of Europe that includes the metro, trams, and buses. Two-thirds of Prague’s population uses public transportation seeing as it flows in the city center and to the outskirts of the city walls. (And it’s affordable price will help you understand why!).
There is no need to take a taxi within the city center. For budget traveler’s, it is a dream come true! With the amount of traffic that suffocates the city roads, it would also drain your wallet to pay for. Luckily there are affordable options for travelers.

Tourist Pass

The tourist pass will be your best friend for getting around the city. Hence, for a 3-day pass, which is formally known as a ‘short-term tourist pass’ travelers only have to pay 310 CZK. That converts to about 12 Euro. This allows travelers to ride all any mode of public transportation an unlimited amount of times within your 3 days. Of course, there are other options if travelers are staying for a longer or shorter duration of time.

The Cruise

Another option for transportation would be to take the Short River Cruise on the Vltava. For about 12 Euro traveler’s can take a 1.5-hour cruise to get a new perspective of the city from the water. The cruised does not offer commentary, but the price does include bus transportation to the dock of the cruise. This is a view that travelers cannot miss.

Remember that you will not need a visa for travel to Prague if you are a U.S. citizen. Simply grab your valid passport and enjoy 90 days of visa-free travel around Europe!