Boston Passport Agency

Are you planning to take an international trip soon and need a passport in order to do so? If your travels will take you near the Boston area, then the United States Department of State’s regional Passport Agency located there should be at the top of your list when it comes to getting all your documentation squared away.


You must fulfill all of the requirements listed below to be eligible to apply at this passport agency:

  • If you are planning to apply, make sure that your international travel is within 14 calendar days. If you have already applied, your international travel should be within 5 calendar days.
  • You must be able to provide physical evidence of your international travel, such as printed copies of your flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise tickets, or proof of international car insurance.
  • You need to pay an additional $60 for expedited processing, along with the regular application fees.

However, if you require a foreign visa, please ensure your appointment date is set within 28 days of your international travel.

Scheduling an Appointment

To apply for an expedited passport, you can call the State Department customer service number and schedule an appointment. The phone number is 1-877-487-2778. Although this number is for the National Scheduling Center, you can use it to book your appointment at the Boston location with ease.

Where is the Boston Passport Office Located?

Tip O’Neill Federal Building at

10 Causeway Street, Room 247

Boston, MA 02222.

This agency requires travel plans, so you must provide proof of travel to obtain a passport at this agency. International travel must be scheduled within 14 days for new applications and within 5 days for existing applications.

Boston Passport Expediting Service

This Boston agency can get your emergency passport on the same day. You must show that you will be traveling in the next two weeks before the agency can process your passport application. You will need to pay the expediting fee and the application fees. Also, you will need to provide proof of your traveling plans.

What is the Boston Passport Agency Hours of Operation?

On Monday to  Friday, the Boston Passport Agency hours are from 8.30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. And closed on all federal holidays.

To make an appointment at any time, call this toll-free number 1-877-487-2778

Items to bring with you:

  • Proof of Travel
  • Appointment Confirmation Number
  • Required Documents
  • All forms completed
  • A major credit/debit card, check bank draft, cash, or money order to pay for the application and expedited services.

Things that you should do when arriving:

  • Get there early
  • Go to suite 247
  • Speak with the representative at the information desk and receive a number
  • Wait for your number to be called
  • Waiting times will vary on traffic.

Boston Passport Agency Tips:

  • Passport Expediting Fee (Usually $60.00)
  • Be on time! Appointment later than 15 minutes past your scheduled time. You would need to reschedule your appointment.
  • No one is allowed other than the people who are required for the passport.

Boston Passport Agency Services:

Suppose you cannot go to the Boston Regional Passport agency and need your passport quickly. In that case, you could hire the help of a private passport expediting company to get your passport expedited quickly.


Whether you decide to go through the Boston Passport Agency or a private passport expediting company, be sure to research each option and make an informed decision thoroughly. Make sure you know all requirements, fees, and processing times before making your final choice. This will help you save time and money in the long run. Good luck with your passport application!

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