Brazil Visa Tips: Do I Need A Passport and A Visa To Go To Brazil?

Brazil is one of the countries where a person will need both a passport and a visa in order to enter the country. The passport will need to be valid for the date of entry. Brazil has the 6-month passport validity rule in place.

Before a person travels to Brazil, they will need to obtain a Brazilian visa. To get a visa, visit a Brazilian Embassy or a consulate closest to you in the U.S. If a person wants to apply for a Brazilian visa via a consulate, they can not do so by mail. A person can submit an application in person or through proxy at the consulate or through a visa agency.

The Brazilian tourist visa is valid for 10 years. No one can obtain a visa at an airport. If you are at the airport, immigration will not allow anyone to enter the country if they do not have a valid visa. There is no way for the U.S. government to assist anyone if they arrive in Brazil without a visa. Upon arriving in Brazil, you must fill out an immigration form and return it when leaving the country.

There are different rules for minors who are applying for a Brazilian visa. The Brazilian Embassy or consulate may require a birth certificate as well as a notarized travel authorization from both parents.

On occasion, a country may waive the visa requirement for certain individuals entering the country during a specific time period. Brazil is actually waiving visas for U.S. citizens during the 2016 Olympics from June 1st until September 18th, 2016. U.S. citizens are not require to provide proof that they are attending the Olympics. However, they can only stay in the country for 90 days without a visa. The visa waiver is only applicable for tourism purposes and no other reasons.

Anyone who wants to travel to Brazil will need to plan early enough. The purpose is to make sure that they have their passport and visa ready for their trip. The processing time usually doesn’t take that long. But, there are certain times throughout the year when it takes longer due to more being traveling. No one wants to miss out on a trip. Especially, if it is because they did not request the proper information early enough or not at all.



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