Anchorage Passport Offices – Submitting an Application in Anchorage, Alaska

You can apply for your passport with ease at several available post offices in Anchorage. Like many other passport processing offices, you need to call and get an appointment before visiting the office. Please ensure that you have all the required documents and a well-filled application form. Supporting documents also increase chances of getting your application approved. A clerk will go through them to determine if they are correctly filled and if you have come with all the required documents.

If you would like to have your passport in less than 30 days, you can go for the expedited passport processing service at Anchorage passport offices. It lowers the duration to around 14 days. All of the locations offer full passport processing services and are also accessible to people with disabilities.

Anchorage Passport Offices

Uspo - Downtown Station344 W 3rd Ave
Anchorage,Alaska 99501-2317
(907) 279-4016
Uspo - Girdwood118 Lindblad Ave
Anchorage,Alaska 99587-9800
(907) 783-2922
Uspo - Sand Lake2200 Strawberry Rd
(907) 349-7576

Anchorage County Passport Offices

Uspo - Downtown Station344 W 3rd Ave,Anchorage,Alaska,99501-2317(907) 279-4016
Uspo - Eagle River11471 Business Blvd,Eagle River,Alaska,99577-9998(907) 694-2732
Uspo - Girdwood118 Lindblad Ave,Anchorage,Alaska,99587-9800(907) 783-2922
Uspo - Sand Lake2200 Strawberry Rd,Anchorage,Alaska,(907) 349-7576