Davenport Passport Offices — Renew or Apply for a US Passport in Davenport

Are you planning your next vacation but must get a passport first? Do you know where to take your application? This article will provide the necessary information on where to go and what to expect if this is the first time getting a passport. First, start with the post offices in Davenport.  There are six post offices in Davenport you can apply. In Scott County, there is twice the number of post offices than in Davenport. You can go to any to start the process.

In every post office are certified agents who will review your form, supporting documents, and fee. Once you get the okay, all the information is packaged and sent to a processing center. Before being submitted, you will be given two choices to provide your documents. The options are routine or expedited services. Whichever option you make, you will get a new passport.

Davenport Post Office Services

Routine Processing

Routine processing or standard processing is the first choice most people would take when applying for a passport. The alternative is usually selected when there is not an immediate need for the document. The processing time takes 4-6 weeks; therefore, it will take some time before getting it. Sometimes, the processing time can exceed six weeks. There is no need to panic; you will receive your new passport as soon as it can be delivered.

Expedited Processing

If you need your passport sooner than four weeks, expedited processing will get you one in 2-3 weeks. To use this option, you must provide proof of travel in the near weeks. You may use your itinerary or an E-ticket containing the date of departure is sooner than four weeks. If you cannot show proof, you will be asked to use conventional processing. If you need a passport sooner than two weeks, you must contact your regional agency.

Regional Passport Agency

A regional agency can get a passport within 24 hours if the need is present. To gain approval, you must present evidence to show the need and pay the additional fees. The nearest agencies are located in different states. The first is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the second is in Chicago, Illinois. You must get an appointment through the National Passport Center before going. Without a date, you will be turned away.

Other Acceptance Facilities in Scott County

In Scott County, you can submit your application at the Scott County Recorder. Even though the office is open daily, there is a schedule when applications are accepted. So, look at the website to see application acceptance days and hours. Also, only routine processing is done at the County Recorder. If you need expedited service, you may visit the post office or a regional agency.

Are you ready to get a passport now? Visit a post office in Davenport or Scott County with all your documents, and before you know, you will have a new passport and ready to travel internationally.

Davenport Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Davenport Ia Main Post Office 933 W 2nd St
Davenport,Iowa 52802-1404
(563) 323-0306
Scott County Recorder 600 W 4th St
Davenport,Iowa 52801-1003
(563) 326-8621

Scott County Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Bettendorf Post Office 4439 Devils Glen Rd,Bettendorf,Iowa,52722-2260 (563) 332-6164
Davenport Ia Main Post Office 933 W 2nd St,Davenport,Iowa,52802-1404 (563) 323-0306
Scott County Recorder 600 W 4th St,Davenport,Iowa,52801-1003 (563) 326-8621