Huntsville Passport Offices – Submitting an Application in Huntsville, Alabama

Post offices, courthouses, county and town clerk’s offices and other government appointed agencies are appointed by US federal government to conduct business on its behalf. One such business is the acceptance of passport applications. Those who are applying for the first time may not be familiar with the requirements and process; our website provides critical information on the general application process, etc. Visit the website to know where to go to deliver your passport application.

Madison County Passport Offices

There are the Madison County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office and two Post Offices where the residents should go to apply for a US passport. Check for the location that is near to you. At the post office, applicants can access their passport size photographs, and there are accessible to persons with disabilities. The circuit court clerk’s office has reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities, but it does not facilitate the taking of photographs.

Huntsville City Passport Offices

Citizens living in Huntsville have access to two (2) post offices in the city. However, there are other locations in nearby towns, such as post offices, Court Clerk’s Offices, and Court Marshall’s office where residents can submit their US passport applications for processing.

Routine Processing

When you are not in a rush, you can use this routine processing service that usually takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks depending on the circumstance of having your US passport deliver to your door. A caveat for all applicants is that the time from application to delivery can be increased due to disasters and other unpredictable situations, or inconsistencies on your forms or documents. Have your forms correctly filled out, submit if the situation arises. The cost for this option is $145.00 for an adult passport and $115.00 for a child.

Expedited Processing

Persons who may be experiencing an urgency to travel abroad may request the expedited processing time, which is usually approximately 2 to 3 weeks provided everything is correct. This route is contingent upon valid proof via documentation that exhibits the nature of the emergency along with the date and time of travel. Once everything is verified, the process is likely to go through as smoothly and as quickly as possible. By using expediting, you will pay $205.00 for an adult passport and $175.00 for a child passport.

Other Useful Tips

Things You Should Know Before Hand

There are specific facts applicants should be aware of, for example, many of the passport accepting buildings act by Federal laws. They are likely to be closed for Federal holidays and their business hours are different. Sometimes, you may be requested to set up an appointment to go in person to submit your passport application. Use our website to access telephones numbers and other information to help you have a pleasant experience in obtaining your passport. Please feel free to comment on our site too.

Huntsville Passport Offices

Clerk Of Circuit Court Madison County100 North Side Square Courthouse
(256) 532-3380
Haysland Station8401 Whitesburg Dr S
Huntsville,Alabama 35802-3009
(256) 882-7413
Wynn D. Station645 Wynn Dr NW
Huntsville,Alabama 35816-1814
(256) 722-4749

Madison County Passport Offices

Clerk Of Circuit Court Madison County100 North Side Square Courthouse,Huntsville,Alabama,(256) 532-3380
Haysland Station8401 Whitesburg Dr S,Huntsville,Alabama,35802-3009(256) 882-7413
Wynn D. Station645 Wynn Dr NW,Huntsville,Alabama,35816-1814(256) 722-4749