Lafayette Passport Offices – Process Passport in Lafayette, Louisiana

Do you live in Lafayette or Lafayette Parish in Louisiana? Do you know the different locations that will accept a passport application? If you don’t, keep reading this article to get all the necessary information to start your application process.

In Lafayette, there are many designated acceptance facilities, but the most notable location is the post office. The post offices have certified agents who will accept your form, supporting documents, and fee. The agent will verify that all your documents are error free before taking them. Once you get the okay, you will have a choice between routine and expedited processing. Either option will get you a passport in due time.

Lafayette Post Office Services

Routine Processing

Routine processing is the selection most people would take to get a passport. This processing choice is not time-sensitive; therefore, it may require between 4-6 weeks. In some rare cases, the time may increase to eight weeks. If you don’t have any plans to leave the country in the next month or so, this is an option you should take. The cost of processing is cheap when compared to the other options. The alternatives will not be available to you if you cannot provide proof that you need a new passport in a rush.

Expedited Processing

Expedited processing is reserved for individuals who must depart the country in less than four weeks. So, if your passport expired, will expire, or will not have enough validity to enter a foreign country, then use expedited processing. But before you get approval, you must provide proof of international travel with an itinerary or E-ticket with a departure date sooner than four weeks. With this evidence, you can have your new passport in 2-3 weeks. If you need a passport sooner than two weeks, contact a passport agency.

Passport Agencies

A regional passport agency can get a passport in as little as 24 hours if there is an emergency. To get this service, first, call the National Passport Center to get an interview at the nearest agency. You cannot visit an agency without an appointment, or you will be turned away. Not every state has an agency, so you may need to travel to another for the interview. The nearest passport agencies are in Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans.

Other Acceptance Facilities

Lafayette has many post offices to submit your application but also other designated facilities to do so as well. For example, you can go to the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court and submit your application. You will get both options like the post office, if necessary, to process your documents. There is no appointment necessary. You can stop by during the acceptance times which are different from the post office. So, call before going to verify the operating hours and fees per service.

Now that you are aware of the designated facilities, start your process, and before you realize, you will have a new passport to travel around the world.

Lafayette County Passport Offices

Lafayette Parish Clerk Of Court800 S Buchanan St,Lafayette,Louisiana,70501-6863(337) 291-6400
Lafayette Post Office1105 Moss St,Lafayette,Louisiana,70501-3601(337) 269-7110
Scott Post Office5926 Cameron St,Scott,Louisiana,70583-5182(337) 237-1589

Lafayette Passport Offices

Lafayette Parish Clerk Of Court800 S Buchanan St
Lafayette,Louisiana 70501-6863
(337) 291-6400
Lafayette Post Office1105 Moss St
Lafayette,Louisiana 70501-3601
(337) 269-7110