Lewisville Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport in Lewisville, Texas

Lewisville Passport Offices
Residents of Lewisville, Texas can visit the post office to submit a passport application. The post office has agents certified by the State Department to accept, package, and send the documents to a processing center. This acceptance facility receives a large number of applicants; therefore the operating hours are more extended than other acceptance facilities. Also, there are more agents which help the process to move faster. In Lewisville, there are two post offices to take your documents. To find passport offices in Denton County, there are eleven post offices in all. You can select any to drop your documents off.

Lewisville Post Offices

Lewisville post offices are not too far apart. The first is at 194 Civic Circle and the operating hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. It is also open from 9:00 am to noon on Saturday. The second is at 320 S Charles Street and opens Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. it is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Both post offices will accept applications from US citizens for new, expired, damaged, lost or stolen passport. You will have the choice between two services, routine and expedited.

Post Office Passport Services

Routine service is for applicants who are not in a rush to get a new passport and can wait the 4-6 weeks the process will take. At times, it may take longer due to a delay in the process. Delay can be because of errors in the document or severe weather in the region. In any case, you will receive your new document. Expedited service is more for an applicant who cannot wait 4-6 weeks. With this service, the time is cut in half, 2-3 weeks. However, to get approval, you must present proof of travel. Proof of travel must be sooner than four weeks but not earlier than two weeks. A copy of an itinerary must be with the application. Expedited Passport Service costs more than routine, so be prepared to pay more once you get the okay. The post office is not the only acceptance facilities in Lewisville; there are others you may not know or be aware of that accepts applications.

Other Acceptance Facilities

The courthouse, county clerk’s office, and public library are other acceptance facilities for passport applications. Not every courthouse, county clerk’s office, or public library is a designated drop-off site. Also, these locations are smaller, have fewer agents, and short operating hours; therefore, the waiting time to apply can sometimes be longer. They only offer routine service and not expedited. However, the cost per application is the same as the post office. If any of these locations are closest to you, then you can visit one to submit your documents.

Now you have the information on where to drop-off your application, why not start the process today? Before you know, you will have your new traveling document and ready for your next vacation. If you do it way in advance, the cost will be way less than if you get it rush.

Lewisville Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Lewisville Main Post Office 194 Civic Cir
Lewisville,Texas 75067-3424
(972) 353-0056