Montgomery Passport Offices – Submitting an Application in Montgomery, Alabama

Yes, traveling from Alabama to a foreign country requires a US passport, which is a legal document that grants the bearer permission to exit and enter the US without undue interference. There is much Government authorized locations where US citizens can visit in person or send their applications through the mail to have their passport applications reviewed, verified, and approved.

Montgomery County & City Passport Offices

There are mainly two (2) passport application centers in Montgomery County and City that collect US passport application documents. Both Post Offices have accessibility for people with physical disabilities. One of them also allows passport applicants to have their passport pictures taken. Find out which one is easier for you to visit. Other nearby locations are available and accessible, visit our website to find out which one best suits your needs.

Services Provided in Passport Offices

Routine Processing

A critical mass of the passport application  Entities Accept the documents and channel them through the standard or routine way. This method can take between 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the mass number of US passport applications awaiting screening and verification, etc. Furthermore, the time from application submission to passport delivery can be longer in cases where there are errors in the application, disastrous events in your locality, and many other factors. The cost at the post office is $115.00 for a minor passport and $145.00 for an adult.

Expedited Processing

A lesser number of passport application forms goes through the rapid or expedited manner. This is because one has to show valid proof that there is an emergency and the passport is requested immediately for traveling out of US. Such urgency can be death in the family, and other exigency situations as determined by the passport granting agency. Physical proof, such as a death certificate, or travel itinerary with travel date and time can be used as proof of an emergency. Once satisfied, the agency will issue your passport In a timeframe that ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. You will pay $175.00 for a minor and $205.00 for an adult passport.

Other Useful Information

Things To Consider

Call you to collect the passport application form or if you have any questions because these agencies operate at various times and days. You want to ensure that they are working when you go there. When filling up your form, verify that the names on all supporting documents are spell correctly, and they match each other. You should use our website to get information that will save you time and inconvenience. Remember that laws, forms, and fees change at any given notice. When visiting our site, please leave a comment, feedback, or a suggestion.

Montgomery Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Downtown Station 135 Catoma St
Montgomery,Alabama 36104-3401
(334) 244-7581
General Mail Facility Window Unit 6701 Winton Blount Blvd
Montgomery,Alabama 36117-2500
(334) 244-7683