Simi Valley, Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Simi Valley, California

In Simi Valley, there are two post offices that will accept your passport application. At the post office, there are certified agents who will revise, package, and send your documents to a processing center. Before sending the package, you will be asked which option you will choose to process the application. These options are routine and expedited processing. Some post offices also offer to take your photo if you don’t have it for your application. This is done for a fee.

In Ventura County, there are twenty post offices you can visit drop-off your documents. So, with plenty of options, you can visit anyone in the county.

Simi Valley Post Office Services

Routine Service

Routine or standard processing of a passport application takes normally 4-6 weeks after the documents are accepted at the post office. Unless it is peak time, which means the center is receiving a large number of applications, will the time increases for processing. Also, if the region is experiencing severe weather, then the process can slow down or the passport cannot get delivered. Most applicants who are not in a hurry choose this option. Now, if you are in a rush, then the next option is for you.

Expedited Service

Expedited processing puts your application as a high priority. For that reason, the process is sped up so that you can get your passport in 2-3 weeks. That is half the time it takes for routine processing. To be given the okay to use this option, you must provide proof if international travel. Without evidence, you will be denied and must use the normal processing option. The evidence you can show is a copy of your itinerary displaying your trip departure date. The trip must be sooner than four weeks. If you need a passport sooner, you must visit a regional agency.

Other Acceptance Facilities

Other facilities that will accept your application in Simi Valley are the Simi Valley City Clerk’s Office, FedEx Office Print and Center, Staples Print and Marketing Services, The UPS Store, and Postal Annex. Be aware that these facilities do not operate on the same hours as the post offices, so call before visiting them. Also, some only offer routine processing and not expedited processing. Verify before going with the assumption they do. One thing they all have in common is the fee for routine processing.

Knowing where to submit your passport application is a start. Now that you do, start to gather your supporting documents and fee to that you will have a passport when you need it. Getting it before you are ready to travel will cost you less than needing it at the appointed time. So, don’t wait, apply today!

Simi Valley Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Simi Valley City Clerk's Office 2929 Tapo Canyon Rd
Simi Valley,California 93063-2117
(805) 583-6066
Simi Valley Main Post Office 2551 Galena Ave
Simi Valley,California 93065-1305
(805) 526-9819

Ventura County Passport Offices

Office Address Phone
Camarillo Post Office 2150 Pickwick Dr,Camarillo,California,93010-9998 (805) 383-9804
Fillmore City Finance Depart 250 Central Ave. Finance Department,Fillmore,California, (805) 524-3701
Fillmore Post Office 333 Central Ave,Fillmore,California,93015-1920 (805) 524-5994
Moorpark Post Office 215 W Los Angeles Ave,Moorpark,California,93021-1824 (805) 529-3596
Ojai Post Office 201 E Ojai Ave,Ojai,California,93023-2736 (805) 646-7904
Oxnard Main Post Office 1961 N C St,Oxnard,California,93036-2990 (805) 278-7615
Oxnard Public Library 251 S A St,Oxnard,California,93030-5742 (805) 385-7509
Port Hueneme Post Office 560 E Pleasant Valley Rd,Port Hueneme,California,93041-2636 (805) 986-4661
Santa Paula Post Office 111 S Mill St,Santa Paula,California,93060-2833 (805) 921-0569
Simi Valley City Clerk's Office 2929 Tapo Canyon Rd,Simi Valley,California,93063-2117 (805) 583-6066