Is My Passport Valid With My Maiden Name? [2023 Update]

Generally, the name on a passport and an airline ticket must match. When purchasing your ticket, use your married name to minimize the risks. In many situations, changing your identification documents to your new name will take some time. For example, your driver’s license, passport, and Social Security card will take a few weeks to update. If you are traveling right after your marriage, you likely will not have these documents transferred to your new name just yet. In this case, they should match your airline tickets.

If your name is already changed on your other identification, some options may be available. You may be able to bring your marriage license, photo identification, and other information, such as your credit card with which you made the purchase, with you to the airline.

Airlines Might be Able to Change the Ticket to Match Your Passport

The airline may be able to make the change for you with this type of information. However, this is not always the case. There may also be a fee. Remember that to board a plane, you’ll have to have a photo identification with your name, and it will need to match that of your ticket in nearly all cases.

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Does Your Airline Ticket Name Have to Match Your Passport?

Yes! The name on your airline reservation must match the name you provided on your application with complete accuracy.

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Should I Book My Flight on Married or Maiden Name?

If you are flying after getting married and your passport still bears your maiden name, it is important to book your airline ticket with your maiden name. This applies even if you legally changed your name post-marriage. The only time the airline ticket and passport names do not have to match is if one contains a hyphenated last name.

In this case, make sure that both names are included. For example, if your passport reads “Jane Smith” and your ticket reads “Jane Doe-Smith”, the airline will still accept it as a perfect match. However, this is not the same for all airlines so it is best to double check with yours before settling on booking your ticket.

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When flying with your passport bearing a different name than the one on your airline ticket, always ensure that the names match or have hyphenated last names. Double-check with your airline to ensure they accept this before booking your ticket. This will ensure that you have no issues while traveling.

Good luck and safe travels!