Can I Use My Military Passport for Vacation?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Hey everyone! So, I’m currently stationed in Spain on active duty, but guess what? I’m finally heading home for vacation in December 2023. Here’s a question: can I use my military passport and valid military ID card for my vacation? Let me know!




Military passports, also known as no-fee passport books, are issued to military members, government officials traveling to represent the United States.

Dependents of those traveling abroad for the government accompanying them, those with special permission to travel abroad to honor a deceased family member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a few other select situations when the government issues an exemption from the typical passport fee.

These books are typically sent to or picked up by the sponsoring organization rather than the individual.

A military passport and other no-fee passport books are only designed for use when the person is traveling in their official capacity. That means members of the military can only use them when they are traveling abroad as a member of the Armed Forces and are in the discharge of their official duties.

When those with a no-fee passport want to travel abroad for personal reasons, they must use a regular passport book or card, which will require payment of the standard fees.

For this reason, members of the military and other individuals who have permission to obtain a no-fee passport are permitted to have both a valid regular passport book and a valid no-fee passport book at the same time.

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What is a No Fee Passport?

An Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport is intended for individuals traveling on official government business, indicating that they are entering the country officially. These passports are typically valid for a period of five years and should be applied for no later than six months before the planned travel date. However, in certain circumstances, exceptions can be made.


No-Fee Passports are an essential part of ensuring that government and military personnel can travel on official business without paying the standard passport fees. By understanding the requirements for each type of passport, you can easily ensure you have all the necessary paperwork to travel.

And don’t forget—you can always have a valid regular passport book and a no-fee passport, giving you the flexibility to travel domestically and internationally.

These passports are just one of many important documents required when traveling abroad, so consult an experienced professional for further guidance. With their help, you can rest assured that you will have all the documents needed for your official government or military business travel. Safe travels!