How to Get a Passport and a Chinese Visa

One of the most important things that you need to remember to do well in advance of any traveling that you plan on doing outside of the United States is to make sure that your passport and your visa are in order. These documents will be the key to your entry into the foreign destination that you plan on traveling to. If you are getting a passport and a Chinese visa, you have a few key options to explore.

Getting a Passport

Depending on where you are in the US. Your best option for getting your passport quickly and efficiently may be to visit your local post office. You can apply for a new passport at any post office in your area. The only consideration that you have to make is that this will also be the option that requires the most amount of processing time. Which may not be ideal if you’re visiting sooner rather than later.

Another option that you have involves visiting a regional passport agency. This method is much faster than going to a post office. But, it still may cause a delay in your trip if you’re only a few weeks away from stepping onto your flight.

If time is of the absolute essence and your trip to China is just over the horizon, you will want to look into expedited passport services. These companies operate in all major jurisdictions throughout the US. They will quickly obtain all relevant paperwork for your passport application. Transport it all to the appropriate location, make sure that everything is processed quickly. Hence, will have your passport so that you can get on a flight to China without any issue.

 Applying for a  Chinese Visa

If you need a visa for your trip to China, you’ll want to apply directly with the Chinese embassy. You can get the relevant forms at a Chinese embassy in your are. As well as on the Internet. If you’re filling out the forms via digital documents that you obtain on the embassy website. Keep in mind that you’ll have to fill out a different type of form depending on what visa you’re applying for. Nonimmigrant visas and immigrant visa applications are two different things, our Chinese visa section has an entire “how to” on getting the correct Chinese visa. Another option in getting a visa is hiring the help of a Chinese visa expediting company.

Once your forms are filled out, you can provide those documents to the relevant individual at the Department of State office for processing. Normal processing for visa applications for trips to China are only a few weeks. So, don’t delay if the rest of your travel plans are already firm.



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