Costa Classica Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Booking a cruise on the Costa Classica will guarantee you a truly unique experience, even if you have cruised before. The Costa ships are different than any other cruise ship on the water. These cruise ships are for those who love the trip as much as they love the destination.

Italian heritage is a key part of Costa Classica and is evident in the aesthetic design with decor featuring splashes of marble, crystal, inlaid woods, and mosaics.

Costa Classica Amazing Amenities

Amenities are the bread and butter of the Costa Classica. Amenities like an epic two-deck main theater. An observation lounge surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doubling as the disco in the evening. Also, a ballroom for passionate dancing while facing the rear of the ship.

Try your luck at the casino or partake of fine wine and liquor at the assortment of bars. With card rooms, a library, video arcade, shopping boutiques, and a cigar lounge, there are many places to relax aboard the vessel.

Two swimming pools are featured on the main deck with one being reserve exclusively for adults. The other is for all ages and has a beautiful fountain. When you are not in the pool, choose one of four top-of-the-line hot tubs to lounge in. You can go to the modern spa complete with Turkish baths.

Small and Large Staterooms

Staterooms aboard the Costa Classica are fitting of a luxury cruise and dwarf other ships as they total 175-200 square feet depending on the cabin selected. Exterior cabins feature large windows while ten top-suites have private verandas to enjoy the ocean view first hand.

Dine in style at the pizzeria, buffet restaurant, or the formal dining room. Passengers will love the authentic pastries and drinks served at the patisserie.

With some of the most affordable cruise prices on the market, the Costa Classic is an adventure not to be overlooked!



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