Costa Marina Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Application

No one wants a cookie-cutter vacation, and the Costa Marina is the furthest thing from that. So, are you ready to have  a life changing experience with your family? Start by booking a your vacation on this cruise ship.

Costa Marina Origin

This unique vessel was originally built from a storage container carrying ship. The Costa became a classic ship in the Costa fleet. The Costa Marina is filled to the brim with charm and character. The quirky remnants of the past are a welcome alternative to the aesthetic that most mega-ships share today. Authenticity is key to the Costa Marina’s design. The vintage feel is preserve in the real wood finishes in every cabin. The dining hall has traditional portholes lining the walls and a separate buffet venue serves breakfast and lunch.

Passengers aboard this distinct ship will appreciate the intimate environment because, at full occupancy, the ocean liner only carries 900 people. Most cruise ships these days carry 3,000 or more. If you find large numbers like that overwhelming, the Costa Marina is definitely the right choice for your next family cruise!

Costa Fabulous Amenities

Despite being a classic ship, the Costa Marina has high-quality finishes and features, like prominent glass windows that provide superior views of the ocean. The Laguna Club has a beautiful atrium style skylight, offering passengers a premium lounge space to enjoy the sun and stars above. Two other lounges grace the Costa Marina’s facilities and regularly host talented performers and quality shows. While the ship’s public rooms are smaller than those of other large cruise liners, there’s still a fun-filled children’s play room and a perfect library with a café feel.

This small and mighty ship offers excellent nightlife options, including ballroom dancing, show rooms, classy lounges, and a stylish casino. It also houses a state-of-the-art fitness center, boutique spa, main pool, and children’s pool.

For a unique luxury cruise that you won’t soon forget, look no further than the Costa Marina!



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