Costa Mediterranea Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Costa Mediterranea Overview

Length Overall958 Feet (292meters)
Under Flag ofItaly
Built ByKværner Masa-Yards
Width (Beam)105Feet (32 meters)
Tonnage85619 gross ton
Year Built2003
Cost to Build at Time$510,000,000
Owner andor Operated byCarnival Corporation & PLC
Speed in Knotsmph24 knots,28 mph
Number of Passengers2114 – 2537
Number of Crew920
Decks with Cabins6


The Costa Mediterranea perfectly represents Italian elegance with its elaborate artistic decor. So, the Costa takes much of its inspiration from historical palaces in Italy.

Costa Mediterranea

At 86,000 gross tons and 1,057 total cabins, the Costa Mediterranea is the perfect size for traversing the Panama Canal. The Costa offers enough square footage to house a wide variety of amenities. In addition, it also has spacious staterooms and private balconies for over 660 residences.

Departure and Destination Information

Costa Mediterranea:

The Costa Mediterranea owned by Costa Crociere”, a British-American owned Italian cruise line based in Genoa, Italy and one of the Carnival group of companies.

The interior design duplicates the details from 17th and 18th-centuries Italian palaces.

So, the Costa Mediterranea cruises from Southern and Eastern Caribbean. Also, this ship typically cruises to port destinations including Western and Eastern Mediterranean.

The ship sails under the flag of Italy.






Dining on Costa Mediterranea

Dining is exquisite aboard the Costa Mediterranea.  A big part of dining is due to the Argentieri Restaurant. The Argentieri Restaurant has a spectacular dining hall with 139 artistic pieces of silverware on prominent display. Also, three other restaurants complete the selection. The Club Restaurant is the only one that requires a reservation and an additional charge.

Fabulous Amenities

The Ischia Spa is well-worth visiting. The spa is design with two levels that feature treatment rooms. Thus, the treatment rooms have a Turkish bath, a UVA-ray solarium, 4 Jacuzzi, and a full gym.

On the deck, passengers can take advantage of beautiful days from any of the four pools. The pools feature retractable covers for use in less ideal weather.

The Costa Mediterranea is a great family cruise option with multiple activities for children. Hence, children can enjoy  a pool, a Virtual World playroom, and the Squok Club. Also, the entire family can enjoy lots of activities on the Costa. Activities that include shows at the three-level theater or the spiraling water slide on the main deck pool.

Adults looking to enjoy the night-life can go to the disco or casino for some fun. In addition, adults can enjoy drinks in the Talia Lounge. A grandiose, lavishly decorated environment with beautiful ocean views from large windows.

Furthermore, most people expect a luxury cruise ship like this to come with extravagant cruise prices. The Costa line of ships has always been excellent at providing a balance of quality and value. So, take advantage of seasonal promotions currently being offered by booking today!



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