Legend Of The Seas Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Are you looking for glitz, glamour, and an impeccable luxury cruise? Look no further than the 69,130-ton Legend of the Seas cruise ship.

Legend of the Seas

Legend is design like a metropolis. Its seven-story atrium acts as a hub for the remaining rooms. Thus, the atrium itself is beyond impressive. It is furnish with a flashy casino, a glittery theater, a relaxing piano lounge, and a high-end champagne bar. In addition to the musical entertainment and delicious cocktails, the area has plenty of faux palm trees and glass elevators that truly elevate the glitzy experience.

While there are a casino and champagne for the adults, Legend prides itself on being a family cruise ship. Furthermore, the Adventure Ocean playroom comes with a wide variety of toys and games. Perfect for toddlers. As for teens, there is a disco dance floor along with a video game arcade.

The atrium’s fast-pace party life is balance by the spa and fitness center methods of relaxation. From massage treatments to steam rooms to saunas, the fitness center is great for blowing off steam. The area also has a basketball court, rock-climbing wall, miniature-golf course, and jogging track. Something for any guests who want to get into tip-top shape.

Departure and Destination Information

Carnival Legend:

The Carnival Legend is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. And is a Spirit Class ship.

Carnival Corporation & PLC is established in America and headquartered in Doral, Florida. The ships Base is Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji.

The Carnival Legend cruises from Sydney Australia. This ship typically cruises to port destinations including Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji.

The ship sails under the flag of Panama.






Dining on Legend of the Seas

As for dining options, Legend offers impressive options. The two-story Romeo and Juliet Dining Room is furnish with a grand staircase and a huge chandelier. Making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. For a more casual meal, the Windjammer Cafe has an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The staterooms are small which offer everything you need to enjoy during a good night sleep. The small sitting area, TV, and bathroom come with every room. The private balcony, minibar, and whirlpool tub are if you want to upgrade your suite.

At standard cruise prices, the Legend of the Seas is a commodity. If Las Vegas were a boat, it would certainly be this cruise.



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