Majestic Princess Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Majestic Princess Overview

Length Overall1083 Feet(330 meters)
Under Flag ofItaly
Built ByFincantieri
Width (Beam)154 feet(47 meters)
Tonnage142714  Gross Ton
Year Built2017
The cost to Build at Time$680,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byCarnival Corporation & PLC
Speed in Knots/mph23 knots, 26 mph
Number of Passengers3560 – 4272
Number of Crew1350
Decks with Cabins8

The latest addition to an already impressive line of Princess Cruises might just be the best. Debuting in spring of 2017, the Majestic Princess is sleek, contemporary, and holds the unique distinction of being the first cruise ship specifically tailored for Chinese guests.

Majestic Princess

The Majestic Princess is in China year-round. Making it the perfect vessel for tourists hoping to learn more about Chinese culture. The luxury ship has many international and Chinese features. Including a glass walkway for passengers to see the sea beneath their feet. A high-end restaurant with private dining, and the cherry on top of it all: the unbelievable multi-story atrium.

The atrium acts as the ship’s social hub. Judging by how dramatic and beautiful it is, it is an impressive centerpiece for an already impressive ship.

While the Majestic Princess is the most Chinese-centric cruise on the market, its route includes several major Asian countries. The vessel visits exotic locations in both Japan and Korea. Giving tourists an international experience they most certainly will never forget.

Departure and Destination Information

Carnival Majestic Princess:

The Carnival Majestic Princess is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. And accommodates over 4,000 passengers.

Carnival Corporation & PLC is a cruise line company established in Santa Clarita CA. The U.S and is currently in Bermuda.

The Carnival Majestic Princess cruises from Sydney Australia. This ship typically cruises to port destinations including South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan, including a late night visit to Hong Kong.

The ship sails under the flag of Italy.

Great Amenities

The amenities on this cruise are limitless. From an on-deck pool to a full-sized basketball court to a mini-golf course. Passengers will never run out of ways to exercise. As for the cruise’s party-goers, it has an expansive gaming lounge, a Las Vegas-style casino, and even a karaoke bar. And if these were not enough, the ship also offers a fine-art gallery. Original musical productions, several bars, and lounges.

Whatever you are looking for, the Majestic Princess undoubtedly has it. Able to accommodate 3,560 guests, this ship is one of the largest on the Princess line.

For the standard cruise prices, you can book a cruise that is far from standard: it is majestic.