MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

MSC  Meraviglia Overview

Length Overall 1033 Feet (315 meters)
Under Flag of Malta
Built By STX Europe
Width (Beam) 141 feet(43 meters)
Tonnage 171598 Gross Ton
Year Built 2017
The cost to Build at Time $950,000,000
Owner and/or Operated by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
Speed in Knots/mph 23 knots, 26 mph
Number of Passengers 4488 – 5714
Number of Crew 1400
Decks 18
Decks with Cabins 11

Have you ever had a dream that you did not want to end? The MSC Meraviglia is like one of your best dreams. Thus, it is not just a dream, it is a reality waiting to happen.

This brand new mega-ship was christened in June of 2017. The word Meraviglia literally means “a wonder” in Italian. So, it is a perfect way to describe this spectacular seafaring resort that supports up to 5,714 passengers.

Entertainment on Meraviglia

The MSC Meraviglia is revolutionizing the luxury cruise industry, starting with entertainment. It offers 12 weekly Cirque du Soleil at Sea performances. In addition to that, the largest LED Sky Screen at sea which broadcasts 24-hour atmospheric visual entertainment. So, guest will always be entertained and amused by it.

Meraviglia Dining

The dining on this cruise ship is out of this world. There are 12 different restaurants that provide international menus with a wide range of selections. Furthermore, five of the twelve restaurants are specialty and will blow your mind.

Fabulous Amenities

Pool space is plentiful and provides multiple options for a swim in the sun. One of the pools, The Horizon is conveniently next to the water park, will provide lots of fun for the kids. This space in the night becomes a hub for nightlife activity with live music and partying.

Spacious Staterooms

The overwhelming majority of staterooms have a private balcony and are design to specially accommodate family cruisers with a unique ability to connect with each other. The Stateroom can house up to 10 guests.

If you thought this luxury cruise ship could not get any more glamorous, you are wrong. The MSC Meraviglia is one of five ships in the fleet that showcase a brilliant staircase made entirely of Swarovski diamonds.

Activities are design towards kids and an abundance of evening destinations for adults. The Meraviglia is pack with fun for all. It offers surprisingly great cruise prices. Stop dreaming and start planning your next vacation!