MSC Sinfonia Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

MSC Sinfonia Overview

Length Overall902 Feet (275 meters)
Under Flag ofPanama
Built ByChantiers de l’Atlantique
Width (Beam)105 feet(32 meters)
Tonnage65542 Gross Ton
Year Built2002
Cost to Build at Time$245,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byMediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
Speed in Knots/mph21 knots, 24 mph
Number of Passengers1950 – 2679
Number of Crew760
Decks with Cabins5
Last Refurbishment

The MSC Sinfonia takes cruise ships back to the basics… scrapping the overindulgence of attractions and “wow factors” and instead focusing on the vintage-heart of cruises: socialization.

MSC Sinfonia

While aboard the Sinfonia, guest will note a predisposition toward social centers of the ship. The ship provides ample public spaces and encourages socialization between guests instead of keeping heads spinning with a heavy satiation of on-the-go activities and itineraries.

Fabulous Amenities

Of course, this is not to discount the list of things to do. Aboard the Sinfonia there are several bars and lounges, shops, and a small library room. Guests can take comfort in the Buddha Bar, an intimate piano bar, or play their hand at the large casino. A cozy coffee bar, named Café Le Baroque, is available for specialty coffees and mingling. While the two-deck Theatro San Carlo presents several live productions for voyagers amusement. At the top of the ship sits a dual-use space. During the daylight hours, this area makes for a generous observation room. As the sun sets, it is converted into the Pasha Club Disco. A spa, gym, and beauty salon are also available on the Sinfonia’s decks.

This luxury cruise ship does not discount its younger sailors, either. Directly next to the Pasha Club Disco is the Planet Teen Club. A dance club for those under 17 years of age. The Pinnochio Children’s Playroom offers a safe and enjoyable space for the littler voyagers. Making sure everyone is accounted for on this family cruise.

During the day, the Sinfonia’s outer decks are hopping as guests flock to the two swimming pools, double hot tubs, and sunbathing canopy chairs. Wrapping the length of the outer deck is a jogging track for guests who want to keep up with their fitness routines. Other outer deck activities include a sun deck, shuffleboard, a sports deck, and miniature golf.

The Sinfonia is the perfect ship for cruisers who want to relax, rather than be bombarded with non-stop activities and loud environments. Book a cruise with the MSC Sinfonia to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm of the open ocean.



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