Pacific Princess Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

For a vacation with classic cruise feel and far fewer travelers than other ocean liners, you are looking at a trip aboard the Pacific Princess. Princess Cruises calls the Pacific Princess and her sister, the Ocean Princess, “small ships”. Even though they are still beautifully big enough to offer fantastic amenities and an unforgettable vacation.

Pacific Princess

Only 670 other passengers fit into this boat. So, you are looking at a much more personal vacation with a more boutique style experience. Plenty of vacationers compare this ship to a European hotel, and they are right. The décor and finishes are truly classical and rich. The library features a trompe loeil skylight, elegant wood paneling, and a simulated fireplace. Public rooms include an observation lounge, cabaret-style main lounge, a small casino, card room, and social bar space.


Staterooms also feature European touches with a modern spin. Most cabins are standard size and around three-quarters of rooms have private balconies. Of course, it would not be a cruise without the ship full-service spa and fitness center. As well as a pool and hot tub. There are plenty of activities to choose from, including shuffleboard, jogging, and golf driving. For the most part, this is a ship built and design for relaxation. You are looking at leisurely days on the ocean and really exotic itineraries. The Pacific Princess even runs a World Cruise route from time to time, staying at sea for over 100 days.


A main dining room and two alternative restaurants seat less than a hundred passengers at once, making it feel like less of a jam-packed cruise and more of an intimate experience. Casual dining options include a buffet-style restaurant and grill space alongside the pool deck.

No matter your setup, you will find something that lines up with your most ideal ocean travels aboard the Pacific Princess.



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