Sea Princess Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Sea Princess Overview

Length Overall856 Feet (261 meters)
Under Flag ofBermuda
Built ByFincantieri
Width (Beam)105 feet(32 meters)
Tonnage77499  Gross Ton
Year Built1998
The cost to Build at Time$300,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byCarnival Corporation & PLC
Speed in Knots/mph22 knots, 25 mph
Number of Passengers2014 – 2417
Number of Crew910
Decks with Cabins7
Last Refurbishment2017

“Big ship choice, small ship feel.” The 77,000-ton Sea Princess lives by the motto. In doing so, it has become the most adventurous and entertaining luxury cruise on the market.

Since most ships are unable to cruise along the equator due to their cumbersome designs, this cruise ship can sail anywhere. Alaska is a frequent destination for this all-weather ship.

Dining on Sea Princess

Guest with broad appetites will get spoil for the choices aboard the Sea Princess. The two main restaurants have split menus and styles. One is more traditional and formal while the other is more casual, “anytime” dining. In addition, the Horizon Court Buffet is a stellar alternative for those looking to hand-craft their meals, and the sit-down pizzeria is perfect for snacking and casual dining.

Sea Princess Amenities

Despite its cozy and intimate vibe, this ship is outfitted with “big ship” amenities. Sporting three full-sized pools, two showrooms, and a spa and fitness center. This cruise will not leave any residents dissatisfied by its entertainment options.

The Sea Princess balances the line between “Bachelor cruise” and “family cruise” quite expertly. The spacious casino, disco bar, and cabaret-style lounge are tailor-made for fun-seeking adults. While the private kid’s playrooms and computerized golf simulator are great for children.

The cabins are relatively small compared to other Princess cruises. The Sea Princess makes up for lack of size with one unique feature: its private verandahs. The design of the balconies has them positioned inside the ship. This helps to shield balconies from the weather while giving guests a panoramic view of the outside. For travelers yearning to see the beauty of Glacier Bay up close, these verandahs are meant for you.

At standard cruise prices, the Sea Princess may be smaller than its siblings but its adventurous spirit and “big ship” feel are more than worth the price of admission.