Damage Passport

Sometime it does not matter how careful you are with your passport it would get damage. The State Department do require that if your passport is damaged beyond where it is not readable  you would have to apply for a passport renewal using the Application DS 82 Application Form for Passport Renewal.

If your passport is just damage  by the cover are a bit wrinkled you could still use your passport but it would all depends on the custom control agent. If you think your passport needs replacing it would be wise to get it renewed cause their is no clear cut to define your damage passport as damaged.

Requirements for Damage Passport

Time Frame for Getting a Passport Replacement

Getting your damaged passport replaced would depend on where and when you file your application for damage passport using the DS-82 Application Form for Passport Renewal. Usually it could take as much as six weeks or  even longer to get your U.S. damage passport renewed. 

Damaged Passport Advice

  • If you think you passport is damaged and your would have issues with the customs control officer get it replaced.
  • Send your documents to the passport agency using Tyvek envelope  this would ensure your documents reach to the processing center safely.