Do I need a U.S. Passport for Jamaica?

U.S. Passport for Jamaica


Anyone who intends to travel outside of the United States via a commercial aircraft will need to have a valid United States passport. Given this fact, the short answer is yes you will need a valid passport in order to visit Jamaica.

Passport books are recommended as passport card would not be accepted for air travels. The passport must be current (not expired) and have at least one blank page for entry/exit stamps.

The only exception to this rule is for tourists traveling to Jamaica on a cruise ship. Those who intend to arrive at and leave the island via the cruise ship will need some form of identification; this does not necessarily need to be a passport but it should be current form of photo ID.

Those who intend to leave by cruise ship but are for some reason unable to do so and are thus required to book a flight can easily obtain a passport at the U.S. embassy in Kingston or the U.S. consulate in Montego Bay.

Jamaica Quick Facts:

Passport Validity


Jamaica does not have a six-month validity rule enforce on a tourist visiting the island.

Blank Passport Pages

When visiting Jamaica you will need to have one page for visa entry and exit stamp.

Tourist Visa Required

No visa is required to visit Jamaica

When traveling to Jamaica it is recommended that you enroll in the STEP program which is a free program by the State Department that assist U.S. citizens and Nationals who are in need of emergency help.