Do I need a passport for domestic flight in the United States?

REAL ID ACT passport to fly domestic in the United StatesMany travelers are now left wondering if their state issued drivers licenses and state IDs are still valid for traveling by flight in the US. Previously, you only needed a photo ID to board a domestic flight. But nowadays, things are changing quickly and you may find you need a passport just to take a domestic flight.

Q.) Do I need a passport for domestic flight in the United States?

A.) Yes, if you are from one of 27 states that have not yet adopted the laws in accordance with the Read ID Act. You will need a second and reliable identification such as a passport.

It may seem very difficult to keep up with the Real ID Act and the states that already comply with it. But, it will be really easy for the workers at TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to deny you access to a flight. As of January 2017, the Real ID Act will take effect. This act will deny domestic flight access to any traveler who does not have a valid state ID and a passport. Or some second and valid form of identification. So, if you do not have a valid license from one of the 23 states that adopted this law, you will get stop.

The Real ID Act is a deal passed by Congress after the events of 9/11. The goal of the law is to cease the existence of fake identifications for travel and to obtain in general. Twenty-three states have agreed to this act. Therefore, their state license and identification cards are ‘OK’ to travel with alone. However, this leaves more than half of the country without a reliable way to prove their identification. In this case, just to travel on a domestic flight unless they own a passport.

Come January 2017, travelers who do not have a compliant ID can still make trips. This can be with their identification card. As well as one of the following secured documents: A passport, passport card, permit of residence, or US military card. Over half of the American population does not own a passport. In the upcoming years, this will create a lot of barriers for those who desire to travel long tripst. Or, even short trips by going state to states by commercial flights. So, having your own passport makes traveling much easier. It is before all these high security laws came into effect.



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