How to Get a Drivers Permit?

A driving permit is the first of becoming a driver. To apply for a driving permit, most states require an age limit. The age limit will vary by state. The application process will require parental approval before the permit is given. There are other requirements you must meet to get a driving permit.

Driving Permit Requirements

To apply for a driving permit, the DMV requires you to:

  • Complete an application
  • Provide proof of identification
  • Proof of Social Security Number
    • Original card
    • W-2 showing your SS number
  • Proof of residency
    • Utility bill
    • Cable bill
    • Phone bill
  • Parental Consent Form
    • If you are under 18 years, one parent must sign your license application at the DMV.
  • Parent Proctoring of Online Driver License Testing by a Minor
    • This form is necessary if you are 14-17 years old and took the Knowledge Exam online
  • Pay Permit Fee

How to Apply for a Driving Permit

To apply for a driving permit, you must submit the papers in person. But before you arrive at the DMV, make an appointment by calling the office. At the meeting, provide all the documents with your application, including the fee. Be prepared to take the written test. It is best to visit the DMV site and get the study guide for the written test. You can also stop at a DMV to get a copy. Preparing before going will increase your chance of passing on the first attempt.

How Long Will a Driving Permit Be Valid?

The length of a driving permit will vary. It will depend on how soon you get one. For instance, if you get a license at 16, you have until you turn 18 to get a driver’s license. So, you will have it for two years. If you get a permit at 17 years, you will have it for a year.

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Additional Requirements to Get a Driver’s License

Regardless of the time you have your permit, make every effort to drive as many hours as possible. So, you must meet these criteria when you apply for a driver’s license:

  • Log the number of hours you drove (the hours should include both day and night)
  • Have the permit for a specific amount of time
  • Schedule an appointment at your local motor vehicle department. Be sure to check for holiday closures and appointment requirements.
  • Pay the fee


All things considered, it is now clear that getting a driver’s permit is not as difficult as it might seem. By researching the requirements of your state’s requirements and gathering helpful resources such as practice tests and other study materials, you can prepare and equip yourself with the right knowledge to ace the exams.

As learning how to drive can be an invaluable skill that you will use throughout your life, why not take the time to educate yourself to increase your chances of passing properly?

Besides, once you get a driver’s permit, the world will no longer be limited – let’s get on the road! With these instructions on how to get your driver’s access, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin by researching our state requirements and signing up for a driver education course!

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