Getting a Passport? Smart Tips for Expedited Passport Applications Process

Whether you plan to visit family or enjoy a vacation abroad. Making sure that you have a valid passport should be the first step when making your travel plans. Since standard processing times for passport applications often takes more than six weeks for final approval. Applying for these forms as quickly as possible is even more critical when the trip’s purpose is urgent.

What can passport applicants do to make the process faster and easier?

Like all paperwork that require documentation to verify identity, passport applicants can help to improve the process by:

  • gathering all required documents before beginning the initial application process
  • carefully verifying names, addresses, relationships, and other information for any errors or omissions that could be problematic
  • filling out each form carefully to make sure that complete answers are provided to each question before submitting

What options are available for passport applicants who need their documents as quickly as possible?

Expedited processing of passport applications are available for those who will need their documents very soon. Sooner than the normal time frame of four to six weeks. When choosing this option, applicants must:

  • provide evidence of their travel plans to show need for expediency
  • include a $60 fee with the cost of the application
  • choose an express delivery method that offers trace ability and include the amount of the overnight delivery fee

Where can expedited passport applications be submitted?

Although traditional passport applications can be handled at most post offices, expedited passport applications will need to be submitted through a regional passport agency or by opting to work with a reputable expedited passport courier service. Since regional passport processing centers are in major cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, many people find that it is more convenient to use a passport courier service, instead.

Fastport Passport is a highly reputable courier service with an extensive record of helping American citizens expedite the process of obtaining passports. An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and thousands of happy customers assures that Fastport Passport is your best option for this process.



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