What is a Express Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is necessary when submitting an application for a new passport or for a passport for a child. This is a key document to establishing proof of U.S. citizenship of the applicant. If you were issued a birth certificate, but have lost it or do not have that document in hand, you can expedite the process of getting this necessary proof of citizenship by ordering an Express Birth Certificate. You cannot initiate the process for obtaining a passport without your birth certificate.

Obtaining an Express Birth Certificate

A certified long form birth certificate is the primary document used to establish proof of citizenship in the United States. An acceptable long form birth certificate will be issued with a multicolored, raised or embossed seal indicating the county or state of issuance. This document must also list at least one parent’s full name.

What is a Long Form Birth Certificate?

Additionally, the long form birth certificate must have the date of the certificate’s registration and the signature of the registrant. The date of registration must be within one year of the birth of the child listed.

Requirement to Get a Express Birth Certificate?

Applicants who were adopted may find this date requirement to be an issue. This problem arises because many adopted individuals have delayed registration of their births, and their birth certificates are issued sometime after the required one-year period. It is also possible to request an expedited long form birth certificate to meet the need for proof of citizenship with a valid birth certificate.

Delayed of Express Birth Certificate

It is not necessary to be delayed in the U.S. Passport application process due to the lack of an acceptable birth certificate. If you order an express birth certificate, it can be in your hands in time to submit a Passport application in a timely manner. Ensuring all appropriate forms are submitted at the time of application will prevent any unnecessary delays in processing of and receipt of your U.S. Passport.