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Visa Expires – Am I allowed to be in the US if my Visa expires?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  Am I allowed to be in the U.S. if my visa expires? My aunt has fallen very ill while I was over here and now she cannot do anything by herself.


Answer:  If you are currently in the U.S. and your visa is about to expire, you will not necessarily run into any difficulties. The best thing to do is get into contact with someone from immigration to get an extension. The extension will be provisional. Nevertheless, it is best for immigration to know the reason of your over stay.

When visiting with immigration, you must provide all the necessary proof for the reason you are staying. If your visa has not expire, you will still have the time given to stay legally. If your visa expires, then this can create problems. However, it is best to inform immigration so that your next trip goes without a flaw. Keep all your documentations in a safe place just in case you must provide them when ask.

Remember, getting approval to stay does not constitute or provide additional privileges but what is approve for a non-immigrant visa.

Transit Visa – How to Get a Transit Visa for Spain?

How to Get a Transit Visa for SpainQuestion: I will be in Spain for a connecting flight. I will have to stay there overnight which will mean I will have to get a transit visa. How to get a  transit visa for Spain?

Answer: You may be able to avoid getting a transit visa if you stay in the airport for 24-48 hours. However, if you need a transit visa, you will have to fill out the correct application. Some transit applications will have a special form and others will be on a standard application with a section indicating it is for a transit visa. Also, some forms may be electronic while others may be a hard copy.

Each country will have different guidelines to follow, we recommend you inquire with the appropriate consulate. You will also need to provide an acceptable recent photograph with your application.

Some, countries will ask you to provide more information about your travel plans at your final destination. Also, you will need to have at least 6 months validity left on your passport before it expires.

The 6 months period will start from the time your trip is over. You must provide evidence of permanent residence in the U.S. that will ensure your return to the U.S. Also, you may must provide proof of sufficient funds while you will be staying in your destination as well. In some cases, a personal interview may be done at the Embassy.

NOTE: You should complete this process a couple of months in advance to help prevent any issues with your travel if any problems arise with your application.