Application Form – What Pages of The Application Form Do I Need to Fillout?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: I am unsure what pages of the application form need to be filled out. Some seem like the information is not necessary. What do I fill out?

Answer: It is very important to fill out all of the information requested on the application. If something does not apply to you, then fill out NA which means “not applicable”. If you are not sure of an answer, then it is best to put in what you think may be the best answer with a question mark (?) right after it. For example, May 10,1974?  If this was an answer to a date question, then you are unsure of the answer.

If you leave questions unanswered you will likely experience a delay in processing. This can cause difficulties when trying to adhere to travel plans. To avoid issues like these, be sure that your passport application form is completely fill out.

For expedited services you will need to pay an additional fee on top of regular processing fees and your passport will take 2-3 weeks t process. For regular processing time, you should receive your new passport in 4-6 weeks.