Applying Passport Card – Which form to use when applying for a passport card?

QUESTION:   I will be Applying for a Passport Card very soon. Am I able to use the same form used to apply for a passport book? Will there be a different form that I need?

ANSWER:   Choosing the form that is necessary to be used for a passport card will be determined by various things. If an applicant wishes to obtain a passport card but has never had a United States passport, then they are not able to use form DS-82. The applicant will have to present themselves in person at their passport facility and use form DS-11. After applying for a passport card, it will come through first class mail, not overnight. Applying for a Passport Card can be quick and easy.

If the applicant is a U.S. citizen and has a passport book, then he can submit his passport through a mailing option using form DS-82. In addition, if the applicant will need to renew his passport, then he can have it done at the same time when he is applying for the Passport Card on form DS-82.

Passport cards were introduce for traveling between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Passport cards are built with a RFID chip that contains photographs and biographical information of the traveler who is the passport card holder.  Applying for a passport card is a great option.

Also, a huge advantage of a passport card is the ability to utilize “Ready Lanes”. The “Ready Lanes” will allow travelers to enter into ports of entry between borders quicker and easier. This is because of the information, which is a requirement for travel is already on their Passport Cards.