Assault Charges – I was Convicted of Assault Charges, Could I Still Get a Passport?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  When I was a young man, I was arrested with a bunch of friends and convicted of assault charges. It was determined to be an adult felony charge and it is on my record. I have long ago mended my ways and am now a very productive member of my community. For the last twenty plus years, I have never been in trouble. My wife and I want to travel outside of the United States to see friends. Will this history of felonies and warrants prevent me from getting a passport. I’ve heard of people being denied entry to a foreign country at the last minute when they actually took the trip and arrived at their destination.

Answer:  You should be able to get a passport to travel outside the United States.

Having a felony on your record does not prevent you from obtaining a passport. As long as there are no travel restrictions link with the past crime. In some cases,  felonies involving trafficking of drugs across international borders do impede the process of getting a passport. Finally, every country has their own rules regarding entrance. So, you should check with the embassy or consular office of that country to determine if you will have any problem.