QUESTION:   I am traveling to China on an emergency and I have one blank visa page in my passport book. Is that good enough for my travel?

ANSWER:   We are sorry to hear that you are traveling on an emergency to China. China like many countries has special requirements to enter the country. One of those requirements is to have sufficient blank passport pages. If there are not enough blank visa pages in a passport book, then you will not get permission to enter. Chinese officials will stamp a traveler’s passport book upon entry and exit of the country.

In general, a traveler is advise to have a minimum of (2) blank visa pages in their passport books. This is only when the individual has plans to travel to a foreign country. There are times where anyone is not able to enter a country due to lack of blank visa pages. If a traveler has more than (2) blank visa pages, he or she will be in a better position, and will not face any difficulties when traveling to a foreign country.

Moreover, in addition to blank visa pages, a traveler should be sure to have sufficient valid time on the passport before it expires to enter a foreign country. Generally, countries require 6 months validity on a passport before a traveler can enter that country. What this means is, that the traveler’s passport should still be valid for 6 months after their intended stay in a country abroad. Issues can come about if this rule is not met. The valid time depends on the country, so find out about the requirements of the country that you plan to visit.

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