Business Visa – How to Get a Business Visa for China?

How to Get a Business Visa for ChinaQuestion:  I own a chain of auto parts store in Florida and I will be traveling to China for business related purposes. How to get a business visa for China?

Answer:  You will be able to apply for a business visa in order to conduct business or commercial activity. Only if you can provide the following to fulfill the requirements of majority of the countries that offer business visas. A copy of your ticket that proves it is a round trip ticket. Or, have your travel agency confirm that you have a round trip ticket.

Also, you will need a recent passport photograph, at least 6 months validity left on your passport, and a completed business application filled out. Lastly, be sure to have the associated fees for a business visa.

In some cases, countries may ask for an invitation from the other party you will be conducting business with. Also, they might ask for a letter from the company who sent you to that country. The letter must list your purpose of being in that country.

If you provide partial information or have errors on your application, you will delay the process. The process to obtain a business visa and in some cases, you may get denied.

You will be able to apply for your business visa yourself if you are close enough to China’s Embassy. If your are not able to make it to the Embassy, you can hire an expediting service  to submit the application for you.