Changing My Maiden Name on My Passport

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion I will be traveling abroad with my husband in a few weeks and I need to apply for a passport. My license is in my maiden name, however my birth certificate and social security card is in my maiden name. I want all my documents to have the same name therefore I am thinking about changing my maiden name on my passport. What will be the quickest and easiest route to take in order to get my passport in time for our trip in 5 weeks?

Answer The name on your passport will have to be your current legal name when you apply for your passport.

You can use the following link for information on passport name changing.

Passport Name Change Information

After you have gained knowledge on passport name changing using the above link, you can determine the form needed and the process in which you would like to submit the application. The address that you will mail the documents will be on the form that you use. A special address applies for expedited passport services.

Regular passport processing takes about 4-6 weeks. Expedited passport processing takes about 2-3 weeks. These are rough estimates and passports can arrive a little before or after the estimated time frame. You should be able to receive your passport in time for your trip, but there is no promise.  There are two options that will definitely have your passport to you before you take your trip.

You can schedule an appointment at the regional passport agency that services your state. Passport agencies will attend to the needs of American citizens that need a passport in two weeks. The following link will help you find your regional passport agency:

However, if you cannot make it to a regional passport agency in person, you can apply for a professional expediting service that can hand in your application for you. To learn more, use the following link: Apply to Expedite Passport Name Change