My Child Name is Different Than My Married Name. What Must I do?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion I will be legally changing my name in a few weeks. Will I have to change my name on my daughter’s birth certificate as well to ensure that there are no issues with her passport application?

Answer Since your daughter is a minor, you will have to provide proof to show your relationship to your daughter. Allowable proof will be an official document, such as a certified birth certificate copy or original. Being that you will be changing your name and your childs name is different on her birth certificate she will have a different last name and you will have to provide documents for your legally changed name. Also, your identification that you will have to provide has to match your newly changed name. The court order will resolve this issue as well. Hence, you may need to provide more documentation if needed by the passport agent. The following links will help to provide information on passports for minors.

Child Passport Requirements

Keep in mind, All applications for a change of name must be accompanied by at least three pieces of acceptable identification:

1. Early school record
2. Employment records
3. Tax records
4. Military records
5. Medicare records
6. Driving license
7. Bank books
8. Federal, State or Local government cards
9. Deeds of property
10. Insurance records

In addition, you must submit “Statement of Witness in Support of Change of Name” executed by two or more persons who can attest to the exclusive use of the assumed name for at least five years.

Furthermore, these statements can be from by relatives, close friends, or business associates. In addition, witnesses will need to accompany you to the passport office in order that their statements may be prepared and sworn to before a Consular Officer.

The witnesses will need to produce some form of legal (photo) identification, preferably their own passports. Affidavits done free of charge. So, you will also be required to execute your own sworn statement confirming the usage of the assumed name