Child Passport Photos – Can I hold my child while she takes her passport photos?

QUESTION:   Since my daughter is very young, she cannot sit up by herself. Can I hold her in her child passport photos or just leave her laying down?


ANSWER:   A child passport photos will need the child to be by his or her self in the photograph. At times, it may be very difficult to take pictures of a young child. Nevertheless, the child will have to be the only person in the photo. It is important that there is nothing or anyone used to support the child in the camera’s frame; these things entail the arms or hands of a parent holding the child.

The process of taking a passport photo at home may be very difficult. Especially if it is a young child. Being that it will be difficult to take proper photos of a young child for a passport, it is best to have the photos taken at a facility that has an abundant amount of experience with taking passport photographs. Another option is to take passport photographs at home using With this program, home photos can be transform into a passport picture. The State Department is very strict and can delay the passport renewal process if the two photos are not up to code. will be a very helpful tool for you. It will more than likely help to provide an acceptable passport photo that you can use for your child’s passport photograph.