Child passport – Is there an age limit for a child to get a passport?

Frequently asked questions-child's passport age limitQUESTION:   I have many young children. I would like to know if there is a certain child passport age limit that a child must have to obtain a passport?


ANSWER:  That is a great question. When it comes to minors and passports, there is not age limit. Nevertheless, applying for a child passport is a little more complex than applying for an adult passport. One good thing is the cost is less for a child passport than for it is an adult passport.

In the beginning, the form use is the same for a child and an adult. This form, DS-11 Application for a New Passport, must be completed by both parents or legal guardians. Along with the form, other documents are necessary. Documents like proof of identity for the applicant and passport size pictures. In your case, a child passport application must include proof of parents identity.

Now, this is where the complex part begins. If one parent is not present for the submission of the application, then a consent form is necessary. The absent parent must complete Form DS-3035 Statement of Consent. The form must be notarized before it is acceptable. If the other parent is not around, then the legal parent must complete a separate form.

By meeting all the necessary steps, the process will take about 6-8 weeks to get your child passport. The new passport will be valid for 5 years. Six months before the passport expires, start the process or renewing the passport. You will have the new one well in advance before the other expires. Remember, there is no child passport age limit to get a passport for your children.