Traveling to Canada With Child Support Arrears Judgement

Question & AnswerQuestion I will be traveling abroad in the next week and a half on a family emergency. I was denied a passport due to arrears I owe for child support. In the court order, I agreed to pay arrears with my current child support payment. But it is only $40 out of the $400 payment. How likely is it that I will get approval for a passport in the next week and a half?

Answer Sorry to hear about the family emergency. The only way that you can get around this dilemma is to establish a proper payment plan. This is a code under federal regulation. This code denies anyone a passport who does not make proper payment plans of arrears over $2500.

If you apply with your name on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ list of those who owe child support arrears in excess of $2500, you will not get a passport with a refund for application and executions fees.

To avoid this mishap, you can take advantage of these following instructions:

Get in touch with the State Child Support Enforcement Agency. This will ensure that you have a payment plan set up for your arrears in child support.

After you have completed the first step, have the State Child Support Enforcement Agency contact the United States Department of Health and Human Services to notify them of the satisfactory payment plan has been established for the arrears in child support.

Then confirm that the Department of Health and Human Services contacts the Passport Services to remove your name from their database list. The removal of your name off of the list can take 2-3 weeks.

Finally, you will be able to apply for a new passport. without denial due to arrears in child support.

Usually, regular passport processing takes about four to six weeks. Expedited services take about two to three weeks process. Also, if need be, you can submit a passport application at a regional passport agency which will help you get a passport in less than two weeks.