Passport Issues Related to Child Support in Excess of 2500 dollars.

Question & AnswerQuestion I will be traveling to London from the United States for my sister’s wedding. I am behind on my child support payments about $4000. I have to make to London for this wedding, how can I go about this?

Answer Unfortunately, the process may be a little lengthy when dealing with arrears of child support over the amount of $2500. You will have to contact your state’s Child Support Enforcement Agency. Do this to organize some type of arrangement for payment before you try to apply for a passport. The quicker the process, the quicker you will obtain a passport.

You will have to make arrangements to start making payments with the state agency as stated above. After arranging this, the State Child Support Enforcement Agency will then contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or HHS. The HHS will receive a report from the State Child Support Enforcement Agency which will state your payment arrangements. After the Child Support Enforcement Agency sends the payment arrangements to the HHS, they will then remove your name from the list. The HHS will then send this information to the Department of State Passport Services, where they will be notified that you do not owe any child support in arrears.

The sending of the information between these departments is what will take several weeks. The process begins as soon at the State Child Support Enforcement Agency contacts the HHS. After you are in the clear and removed off the list, you can apply for a new passport. Usually, regular passport processing takes about four to six weeks. Expedited services take about two to three weeks process. Also, if need be, you can submit a passport application at a regional passport agency which will help you get a passport in less than two weeks.