Passport and child support issues are stopping me from traveling

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion Recently, I tried to obtain an expedited passport. I was denied due to child support arrears. This really surprised me because I know that I am up to date with all my child support payments. I know that I will be taken off from the list of people with child support arrears by the Health and Human Services. I am curious as to how long this process will take because I have a trip abroad in less than 2 weeks. Is there any way to speed this process up via phone calls, e-mails, etc..?

Answer Fortunately, there is something that can speed the process up a bit. Give the Office of Child Support Enforcement a call at (202)-401-9373. You will then be referred to the proper state in which your case will be handled.

After you contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement, you will be eligible to obtain a passport about two to seven business days after the Office of Child Support Enforcement receives confirmation that the state has withdrawn from the program. Of course this is and typical amount of time for an applicant to clear the system, and in some cases, the process can be lengthier. Make sure that all documentations are up to date to ensure to process does not take longer.

After you are eligible for a passport, you will need a clearance date from a customer service agent from the National Passport Information Center. The phone number for the National Passport Information Center is 1-877-487-2778. The Customer service agent will then notify the clearance to suitable passport agency. After this process is over with, the passport agency will send the passport out via mail. You should then receive your passport within 2 to five business days after mailing.  Also, you can speak about expediting this service so that you can receive your passport quicker. When speaking with the customer service agent from the National Passport Information Center, ask for an expedited service. The customer service agent will then discuss the additional fee for an expedited passport service. Use this link for an expedited passport service:

Expedited Passport Services