I Am Confused About My Passport Expiration Date

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion I turned 17 about two months ago. I am going to apply for my passport in a few days and I wasn’t sure if it will expire when I turn 18 next year. Should I just wait until I am 18? I am concern about my passport expiration date and am confused about my passport renewal requirements.

Answer  Your passport expiration date will not be when you become 18 years old. U.S. passports for minors are valid for 5 years. U.S. passports for adults 16 years or older are valid for 10 years.

If you were 16 or older when you got your first passport, then you can renew it by mail. If you were under the age of 16, then you should consider the following guidelines.

Minors ages 16 and 17:

  • Have to appear in person when applying for an adult passport at a passport application acceptance facility
  • If minors do not have a piece of identification of their own, then they will have to have their parent or guardian provide a photo identification.
  • Have a photocopy of the ID given at the time of the application.
  • A written parental consent may be use to establish parental permission for minor’s passport processing.

Applicant 16 and older will pay an application fee of $110 and an Execution fee of $25. Expedited services are available for $60 and will take 2-3 weeks. Regular processing will take 4-5 weeks.