My daughter is disable and will need a passport renewal, what must I do?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I have a 9 years old daughter whose passport has expired. My daughter is disable. So, it is very hard for me to take a photograph and I know a passport renewal will require her photograph. What must I do?

Answer:  Mailing the application for renewal of a minor’s passport is not an option. Hence, you will have to appear with the child at your passport application acceptance facility. Both parents must be present. If both parents can not, then the parent present must present a notarized consent letter. The consent letter must show proof of consent from the missing parent. Also, if the present parent has full custody of the child applying for the passport.

Being it difficult to take a proper photo of your child, one recommendation is that you have the photos taken at a facility with an abundant amount of experience taking passport photographs. The State Department is very strict and can delay the passport renewal process if the photos are not taken correctly.

The process of taking a passport photo at home may be very difficult for you, depending on your child’s level of disability. So, you can take passport photographs at home using It will provide passport pictures using photographs taken at home.

To assure yourself of requirements for a child’s passport, click the link below:

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Also, here is a list of passport application acceptance facilities across the nation: Passport Offices