Digital Camera – Can I use my digital camera to take a passport photo?

QUESTION:   I am extremely tied up during the day and cannot take a passport photo anywhere. Can I use my digital camera to take my passport photo?


ANSWER:   Yes, the photograph from a digital camera is acceptable. However, everyone was follow the strict guidelines when taking the a passport photo. You can wear normal street clothing. Do not wear any types of costumes or weird clothing. The photos should be in color. Not in black and white and with a white wall in the background. Do not use a multicolored background. Finally, the photo must be clear and without any distortion.

These guidelines also entail that the shot of the applicant’s head is taking up about 75% of the required 2 inch by 2-inch photo. In other words, this means having the applicant’s head size to be between 1-1 ¼ inches high. Furthermore, the photo must be clear and which will require the photographer to use a high-resolution camera of 200 dpi or more. Digital cameras will have to be at least 1 megabyte or greater.

The applicant’s facial features should be facing forward with a neutral facial expression. In addition, the applicant should be directly in the center of the photo and not hang to one particular side.