Diplomatic Passport – What type of passport a diplomat uses?

QUESTION:    I am traveling abroad soon. I am a diplomat and I want to know what type of a Diplomatic passport I will need for my travels?

ANSWER:   There are different reasons why people are able to get a Diplomatic passport. The first reason is when the person is a government official. A government official usually travels to other countries to conduct business of behalf of the government.  In this case, the individual is issue a Diplomatic passport on for that trip. The second is if a person is going to live in another country as a representative of his country. For example, an ambassador has a Diplomatic passport. An ambassador normally lives in another country for an extended period of time.

For both instances, to get a Diplomatic passport the individual must work for the government in some capacity. This type of passport is only issue under these circumstances. Now, even if a Diplomat wants to visit another country, he or she must apply for a regular passport. Only if the visit is official state business, then this type of passport is issue. It is not given just for vacation or personal business.

When a person has this special type of passport, his or her entire family gets it as well. So, if a Diplomat and his family are traveling on state business, the family can use their Diplomatic passports.